River Rock Therapy Solutions

At River Rock Therapy Solutions we use a combination of clinically proven methods and techniques, based on the most up to date neuroscience research, drawing from fields such as Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychodynamic approaches to bring about positive change in people's live to enable them to go ahead and live their lives to the full.  

Our name "River Rock Therapy Solutions" is derived from the wisdom of Lao Tzu, a Taoist, who used the metaphor of the river and the rock to describe the power of being able to yield and be flexible like water, rather than resistive and obstructive like a rock.  


This highlights how the river takes the time to wear down sharp rocks into pebbles and carve deep channels in the landscape, how a river takes new paths if obstructions get in the way, but ultimately without resistance, passivity or excessive force, the river always makes it to it's ultimate destination.  


This is a great metaphor for life, and within Hypnotherapy,

metaphors can be significant in the healing process. 


Michelle Crawley, founder of River Rock Therapy Solutions, has spent her life helping people be the best they can be.  She has been working in the field of healthcare for over 20 years.  As well as being a successful Hypnotherapist she is a Highly Specialised Neurological Occupational Therapist, working with people with brain injury.  As well as her Occupational Therapy degree (BScOT Hons), she also holds qualifications in Animal Assisted Therapy, Hypnotherapy (Dip.Hyp, HPD)  Psychotherapy (Dip.Psych), Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching (DipNLP &Coaching), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Stress Management (Cert.SM) and Mindfulness.

Michelle is registered with the following organisations:

HPC - Health Professions Council

BAOT - British Association of Occupational Therapists

NCH - National Council of Hypnotherapists

NCP - National Council of Psychotherapists

ICP - International Council of Psychotherapists

CNCH - Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council

Fully Insured.

DBS checked

Registered with ICO and GDPR compliant.

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