To Relax      & Get

Better Sleep

Where you are now:

....You may be feeling overwhelmed with them amount you have to do, with an endless "to-do" list which is added to daily.  


....You may be finding it difficult to get motivated, concentrate, stay focussed and you may be experiencing "brain fog".  


....The physical symptoms of prolonged stress may be beginning to show themselves including: rapid heartbeat, gut and digestion difficulties, headaches and muscles aches. 

....Perhaps your are using unhelpful coping strategies including increased alcohol intake, smoking or increased caffeine.

....Friends/family may have mentioned that you are more irritable, moody and lacking a sense of humour.

What you need help with:

....To be able to understand the stress reaction and how long term stress affects our minds and bodies, and how we need a certain amount of stress to achieve great things in our lives. 


....To accurately identify your sources of stress, review you current coping strategies and their effectiveness.


.....To experience that there is a strong mind-body connection and that the body cannot be relaxed and stressed at the same time, and enable you to experience a fully relaxed body and mind, and there resulting benefits. 


....To be provided with some additional tools/strategies to add to your "managing stress" toolbox to enable you to manage the physical and emotional reactions caused by stress.

How Will This Package Help You?

....During the taster session we will have answered any questions or worries you have about hypnosis and you will know what to expect during treatment sessions.   We will have explained how the conscious and subconscious minds differ and how, by accessing the subconscious, we can unlock subconscious blockers which will enable you to go ahead in your life without them standing in your way. 


..... The "Manage Your Stress, Learn To Relax & Get Better Sleep" package will start with an in depth consultation to establish where you are now as a baseline, and what would be a successful outcome of where you want to be.  You will also get some tips for immediate use to better manage stress.

..... Each session would be 60 minutes and this would include a feedback from you on how things have been and would include a hypnotherapy session tailored to your needs according to your progress.

..... Initially we would look to build your resources to enable you to be well equipped to engage in the therapeutic work, and then undertake targeted work using a range of therapeutic tools to assist you to alter distorted though patterns, challenge your perspectives and re-establish new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The awesome feeling of having better control over stress in your life, and the physical symptoms it can create, will leave you feeling like you can tackle any challenge head on.