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               Leave Your

                  Fears Far

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Where you are now:

....The actual "thing/s" you fear or have a phobia about could be just about anything, but the feelings you have as a result of this fear/phobia will be similar to any other fear/phobia, although the intensity may vary. 


....You may be avoiding certain places/people/situations for fear of "bumping into" or having to face your fear/phobic item.  


....When severe, your fear/phobia may be preventing you from living a "normal' life, as you perceive it.

....You will almost certainly be experiencing the physical effects of this fear/phobia at varying intensity including breathing difficulty, sweating, palpitations, dizziness and gut/digestive problems.

What you need help with:

....To understand that these feelings were not present at your birth, that they have developed and embedded over time, perhaps due to a specific event, perhaps due to a number of events/experiences in your lifetime. 


.....To experience that there is a strong mind-body connection and that the body cannot be relaxed and anxious at the same time. 


....Using the skills of the therapist you will be able to explore your subconscious to identify these triggers and re-evaluate these and create now more positive pathways to enable you to free yourself of the anxiety and associate physical symptoms.

How Will This Package Help You?

....During the taster session we will have answered any questions or worries you have about hypnosis and you will know what to expect during treatment sessions.   We will have explained how the conscious and subconscious minds differ and how, by accessing the subconscious, we can unlock subconscious blockers which will enable you to go ahead in your life without them standing in your way. 


..... The "Overcome Your Phobia & Leave Your Fears Far Behind You  package will start with an in depth consultation to establish where you are now as a baseline, and what would be a successful outcome of where you want to be.  You will also get some tips for immediate use to better manage anxiety.

..... Each session would be 60 minutes and this would include a feedback from you on how things have been and would include a hypnotherapy session tailored to your needs according to your progress.

..... Initially we would look to build your resources to enable you to be well equipped to engage in the therapeutic work, and then undertake targeted work using a range of therapeutic tools to assist you to alter distorted though patterns, challenge your perspectives and re-establish new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The phenomenal feeling of not having your life dictated to by a fear/phobia and being free of the physical symptoms it can create will leave you feeling calm and able to go about your life with confidence.