Here's How We Can Help

The types of difficulties we at River Rock Therapy Solutions treat generally fall into the following categories, although there may be exceptions.  Everyone experiences life, and it's challenges, differently and so each package of intervention is tailored for the individual to achieve the best results possible.  The following are some of the most common issues presented with, however if your concern is not listed, please contact us to see if we can help you.

Have feelings of anxiety in the pit of your stomach all the time?

Avoid doing things for fear of what might happen?

Frightened by sudden panic attacks?

Overcome Anxiety
Leave Panic Attacks In The Past
Stressed Woman

Do you experience intense 

heartstopping fear?

Do you avoid certain situations/places because of a fear/phobia?

Has your fear become unreasonable/excessive and is it interfering in your life?

Overcome Your Phobia
Leave Your Fears Far Behind You
Manage Chronic Pain
Regain Control

Is your pain interfering with your daily life, preventing you from doing things you need or want to do?

Have you been experiencing pain for weeks/months/years?

Do you feel like the pain controls you and what you do?

pain tea.jpg

Have you been trying to become pregnant for some time, without success?

Do you worry it will never happen for you?

Does your desire to become pregnant dominate your every thought ?

Assist Your
Increase Chances Of Conception.

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

Feel agitated and at your wits end much of the time?

Life feel like a slog, with little or no enjoyment anymore?

Manage Your Stress, Learn To Relax
Improve Your Sleep
Stressed Man
Quit Your Habits or Addictions
Get Your Life Back

Is your addiction controlling you?

Are you sure you're ready to quit?

Want to free from the controls your habit has over you?

Loose Weight, Have A Better Relationship With Food & Be Happy In your Skin 

Tried all sorts of diets without long term success?

Developed an unhealthy relationship with food, resulting in under/overeating?

Want to understand and deal with the reason you under/overeat, obtain a healthy weight and attitude to food?


Are you becoming concerned about your ability to cope with your pregnancy and the pain of childbirth?

Have you had a negative experience of childbirth in the past?

Is your fear of the birth spoiling your opportunity to enjoy being pregnant?

Increase Your Comfort & Control
During Pregnancy, 
& Birth.

Do you have an inner self critic that just won't pipe down?

Do you find your self confidence holding you back?

Do you feel inadequate or not good enough?

Find your Confidence Again
Say Sshhh To Your Self Doubt 
Come to Terms with 
Bereavement, Loss, Grief

Find yourself overwhelmed with unbearable feelings of grief and loss?

Find yourself unable to control your emotions and crying at unexpected times?

Feel like the pain will never go away?

Re-Discover your Mojo, Stop 
Improve your Performance 

Do you lack motivation and stand in the way of yourself at times?

Do you put important things off and then berate yourself because of it?

Have you found your performance in tasks has been not quite up to scratch?


Do you experience something not found on this page?

Do you feel that you and your issue don't fit in any of these boxes?

Just wondering if Hypnotherapy may be the answer you've been searching for, but still not sure?

Need Help with Something Else?