Life is like a river.....

....Are you going with the flow or against it?

My life, like many people's, has certainly been turbulent at times...some would say like a grade 5 rapid! But it has also had times of absolute calm and tranquility.

I, like many people, am working on bringing the calm and tranquil to the foreground and working on my ability to ride the rapids, when I am required to, without coming out the other side with too many battle scars!

River Rock Therapy Solutions was named with the metaphor of life being like the river in mind. The river, moving us along through the course of our lives, whilst the rocks represent challenges that we face. This metaphor sits so comfortably with me, and is something I refer back to during turbulent times, knowing that there will be calm times ahead.

As we know from our geography lessons and from documentaries on the TV, rivers flow downhill, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, rocks and other obstacles can change it's path or slow it down. Our lives too are affected by gradients, sometimes we feel that we are free flowing downhill and life is smooth and easy, and at other times life can feel like an uphill struggle where we are working against the tide and natural flow, when everything can feel like hard work. The rocks, boulders, or challenges sent to us in life are of different shapes and sizes, and some we can swerve with ease, and others cause us to have to change our direction or carve a new path. Sometimes we feel full of life, strong and powerful and able to take on the bigger boulders and wear them down, other times we have less energy and perhaps flowing around boulders is the more favourable option.

In my life and career, I have so often seen that life can be hard and challenging sometimes and how we deal with life's constant challenges can shape and sculpt us. Our aim at RiverRock Therapy Solutions is to enable you to build your inner resources to feel more able to ride the rapids of life and find a calm path. Hypnotherapy can help build resilience, confidence and an ability to tap into that place of inner calm.

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