Time for Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM).

With friends and family in my thoughts, by writing this Blog I hope I am helping to raise awareness of breast cancer in a small way, and how Hypnotherapy can be a help and comfort to some.

Many people are unaware of the extremely valuable effects of Hypnotherapy for people on a journey with cancer. Cancer charities and reasearch institutions, including Cancer Research UK, are now recognising the positive effects that Hypnotherapy can have, especially in relation to managing symptoms such as sickness and pain, in helping people feeling more confident to make choices and finding a voice for asserting their plans, help with feelings of anxiety and depression, assisting with confidence and self esteem following surgeries and treatments.

My thoughts are with anyone who are travelling on a journey with cancer, and if we at RiverRockTherapySolutions can be of any help to anyone travelling this journey please get in touch.

#RiverRockTherapySolutions #hypnotherapy #cancer #painmanagement #resilience

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